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Flexbimec US2855 | Electronic Gear Flow Meter with Gun, 18.5 GPM

SKU US2855

Flexbimec US2855, Oil HFlow | Electronic Gear Flow Meter With Control Gun transfers oil and antifreeze at 18.5 GPM.

Electronic oval gears high delivery flow meter for oil, series “Oil HFlow”, with control gun 1” NPT, trigger guard, flexible rubber outlet 3/4”, automatic anti-drip nozzle and 1” NPT (M) inlet swivel. This high volume series allows users to accelerate the oil supply with this electronic flow meter that guarantees high accuracy measurement even at high flow rates.

The Electronic Gear Flow Meter features an automatic anti-drip nozzle and inlet swivel 1” NPT (M).

Part No. US 2855
Connections 1″ NPT (M)
Flow rate 18.50 gpm
Max temperature +122 F°
Max working pressure 1015 psi
Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Max viscosity SAE 240
Weight 8.6 lb