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Flexbimec US2091 | 6:1 Pneumatic Oil Pump, 11 GPM

SKU US2091

Pneumatic Piston Oil Pumps transfer low/medium/high viscosity oil and antifreeze for wheeled kits and centralized systems.

Pneumatic piston oil pumps are designed to transfer lubricant oil. The pump is equipped with a double compressed air discharge which guarantees greater flow when compared to other traditional pumps currently on the market.

Part No. US2091
Compressed Air Supply Pressure min 30 psi - max 120 psi
Compression Ratio 6:1
Outlet Pressure 700 psi
Delivery 11 gpm
Connection compressed air 1/2" NPT (F)
Connection lubricant outlet 1" NPT (M)
Max air consumption with 116 psi pressure 518 gpm
Diameter suction tube 1.10"
Noise Level 79 db
Weight 13 lb