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Trico Corporation

Color Coded Oil Container, 1 to 4 Gallon Capacity

SKU 34459

The semi-transparent containers are available in four convenient sizes and are easy to pour from. Just switch the breather vent to the on position and begin pouring, then turn to the off position when finished.

The oil containers feature a stable rectangular shape design and have a forearm rest to ease storing, filling, pouring and transporting oil and other fluids. The containers feature a wide top fill opening and have graduated markings along the side of container making oil levels easy to see.

Each oil storage container comes with a writable label provide easy lubricant identification and a black breather vent.

**Color coded lids with dispense nozzles, colored breather vents, colored pump storage lids, and the hand pump can be purchased separately.


*This product typically ships from our warehouse within 2-3 business days.


Oil Storage Containers Features

  • Durable carry handle for ease of transporting
  • Front and back handles for easy pouring
  • Handles contain contour finger grips to provide a comfortable and secure hold
  • Contoured containers fit forearm to distribute weight of container
  • Semi-transparent container with English and metric graduation markings
  • Contents label indicates product in container
  • Compact footprint takes up less storage space
  • Square design allows for stability when using hand pump