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EcoMaster Biological Aqueous Parts Washer

SKU 63536

The Heated and Mobile Biological Parts Washer Cleans Without Any Solvent!


This Solvent-Free Biowash Parts Washer offers several cleaning possibilities including a filtration system and oxygenation. The Biological Parts Washer cleans your parts without any solvent respecting operators health and the environment. Based on a natural regeneration using micro-organisms to transform pollutants into food and energy, the washer uses BlueLiquid and BlueTabs to continuously purify the cleaning bath, which is maintained at 100 degrees.

The washer system features a 300 gallon per hour pump flow rate, a flo-through brush and a flexible spigot, a reusable stainless steel filtration, an 8 gallon soaking area with an overflow hole, mobile casters, and easy-to operate controls with boost cleaning mode as well as an eco mode for energy savings. The easy drain system has a drain height of 15" and a bath level indicator. Max soaking depth: 3.5". The EcoMaster Biological Aqueous Parts Washer Package includes 25 gallons BlueLiquid and 4 BlueTablets.

  • Operating fluid capacity 26 gallons
  • Soaking fluid capacity 15 gallons
  • Corrosion Resistant Pump (300gallon/hour pump flow rate)
  • Flow Through Brush
  • Flexible Spigot with Adjustable Flow
  • Stainless Steel Lid with Spring Loaded Closure
  • Reusable Filters: Stainless Filter and Filter Cartridge are Washable and Reusable
  • Sink Dimensions: 31"W x 16"L x 7"H, 8 Gallon Soaking Area with Overflow Hole
  • Overall Dimensions: 36"W x 26"L x 44"H

Use with BlueLiquid, which is an aqueous based cleaning solution composed of specific surfactants (non-toxic and non-flammable) and use with BlueTablets, which are a concentrate of microorganisms to continuously purify the cleaning bath.

This parts washer typically leaves our warehouse in 1 day.