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Advanced Lighting Systems

Adjustable Tripod Stand with Collapsible Legs


The Adjustable Tripod Stand with Collapsible Legs for Advanced Lighting Systems Lights fits with: AUD202H, AUD502H, SPX601H, SPX601C, SPX10K1C and Underhood Light Series.

  • Constructed with heavy-duty material
  • Improves accessibility of work lights
  • Height adjusts from 4.4 ft. to 9.85 ft.

The ALS range has all the work lights you or your business need. From headlamps, articulating slim lights and straight folding lights, spotlights, underhood lights and many accessories: We even offer heavy-duty work lights with high tech features combining practicality with pleasure. To complement the ALS audio lights, the Tripod stand makes it easier to access and increases audio performance. It's construction, ease-of-use and accessibility make the tripod stand the perfect accessory to all ALS lights.

  • Heavy-duty design for any work situation
  • Adjustable height from 4.4 ft. to 9.85 ft.
  • Used with Spotlight series, Audio Light series and Underhood Light series
  • Durable plastic construction