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Luxury Microfiber

1500 Marolex Master Ergo Sprayer


The Handheld Marolex Master Ergo Series of Sprayers are ideal for a home and professional use. Heavy duty construction combined with ergonomic design gives you unmatched performance and durability. Ideal for gardening, pest control, automotive detailing, home and office cleaning. 

Sprayers with 3D Flex can work in any position, even with the tank facing up. 3D Flex is a construction that gives more freedom of use. Thanks to this solution, you will reach even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies with unprecedented ease using the versatile handheld sprayer.

The handheld sprayers are constructed with heavy duty marolex o-rings and seals. Located on top of the pump nozzle is a storage compartment to secure extra caps and nozzles. Master Ergo Sprayers feature a locking trigger position. The nozzles have smooth adjustment of the spray angle from very wide to a single jet, and the internal hoses are additionally reinforced to increase resistance to pressure and are highly resistant to bending, cracking and stretching.

The modern, hand held pressure sprayer is available in capacities ranging from 55 oz to 118 oz, all with a dry weight under 1.5 lbs.

Marolex Master Sprayers - line of professional grade sprayers

Main Applications

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Industrial and Commercial use
  • Control pests and epidemics
  • Janitorial Use- Hotels, Offices, Hospitals
  • Automotive cleaning


  • Ergonomic design and ease of use
  • 3D flex system, can spray in an angle, even upside down
  • Less pulling the trigger, saves time and effort
  • Designed to be used with acid and alkaline based industrial cleaners
  • Includes 2 sprayer heads for different spray angles
  • High quality Viton seals that is resistant to chemicals
  • Sprayer has markings for dilution ratio and labels
Ergo Sprayer Master 1000 Master 1500 Master 2000 Master 3000
Total Capacity 55.82 oz. 71.04 oz. 81.15 oz. 118.34 oz.
Working Capacity 33.81oz. 50.72 oz. 67.62 oz. 101.44 oz.
Pressure 58 psi 58 psi 58 psi 58 psi
Weight 1.10 lbs .90 lb 1.21 lbs 1.34 lbs
Height 10.15" 10.86" 12.12" 13.38"