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Proformance Supply is a distributor of superior oil, DEF and lubrication management equipment, tanks and tools.
Air Pressure Regulators

Air Pressure Regulators

Air Pressure Regulators keep your system functioning more productively. For a balanced fluid system, air pressure control is essential.
Aqueous Parts Washers

Aqueous Parts Washers

Aqueous Parts Washers that offer safe and biodegradable cleaning power and allow immersion of automotive parts and high pressure cleaning spray.
Auto Detailing Mitt and Wash Accessories

Auto Detailing Accessories

Shop our high quality auto detail supplies and accessories. We offer the best of microfiber towels, foam and car cleaning chemicals, handheld sprayers, detailing brushes and accessories, and quality car wash mitts.
Bench Top Steel Tanks

Bench Top Steel Tanks

Bench Top Steel Tanks features a top surface area that doubles as a handy workspace.
Diesel Fuel Tanks

Best Sellers

Quality lubrication equipment, oil tanks, DEF systems, tools and accessories to manage oil, DEF, fuel, grease and other automotive fluids.
Bulk DEF Tanks, Mobile DEF Tanks and Equipment

Best Sellers - Bulk DEF Tanks, Mobile DEF Tanks and DEF Equipment

Bulk DEF Tanks and Mobile DEF Tanks and DEF Equipment to safely store, transport and dispense diesel exhaust fluid in small and bulk capacities.
Diesel Fuel Tanks and Packages

Best Sellers - Diesel Fuel Tanks and Packages

Triple equipment run times with an on-site diesel fuel tank package, or shop for a portable tank for farm use or in agricultural areas, shops, industrial facilities, even construction sites.

Oil Drains and Drain Pans

Best Sellers - Shop Necessities

Auto shop include oil funnels, oil transfer containers, filter crushers and oil drains, and other necessities to help you get the job done with ease.
Stackable Poly Tanks and Gravity Feed Systems

Best Sellers - Stackable Poly Tanks and Gravity Feed Systems

Stackable Poly Tanks and Gravity Feed Systems for cost effective storage and dispense of multiple fluids including oils, def and other automotive fluids.

Steel Storage Tanks and Tank Packages

Best Sellers - Steel Storage Tanks

Steel Storage Tanks configured with dispense equipment for single fluids or multiple fluid management. Operate your oil tanks to their full potential with a fully assembled, ready-to-use Roth tank and dispense package.
Workbench and Tool Storage

Best Sellers - Workbench and Tool Storage

Keep tools secure in tool storage chest designed for professionals who expect durability, and long-lasting integrity to protect their valuable tools and accessories.
Broadcast and Spot Sprayers

Broadcast and Spot Sprayers

Broadcast and Spot Sprayers feature top of the line Everflo on-demand pumping equipment and other system highlights such as pressure gauges, adjustable pressure regulators, and shut-off valves. Several sprayer models can be hitched and pulled with zero-turn mowers, ATVs, UTVs or any other commercial vehicles. Each sprayer is approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides.
Bulk Diesel Fuel Tanks

Bulk Diesel Fuel Tanks

Safely transfer up to 1200 gallons of fuel with our bulk double walled fuel tank storage and dispense packages.
Caged Oil Tank Accessories

Caged Tank Accessories

Pump dispense mounting equipment plates and steel forkliftable cages upgrade Tote-A-Lube Tanks for redistribution.
Caged Oil or DEF Tank Packages for Bulk Fluid Delivery

Caged Tank Packages

Caged Tank and Dispense Packages allow for bulk fluid deliveries of up to 330 gallons of Oil, DEF or Coolant.
Bulk Coolant Storage Tank

Caged Tank Packages for Coolant

Caged Tank Packages for Coolant are a cost-effective equipment solution, are rugged enough for redistribution and refillable customer operations.
Caged DEF Tanks

Caged Tank Packages for DEF

Easily reconditioned for redistribution, the compact yet Bulk DEF Tanks package footprints store up to 330 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid, and arrived fully assembled with a DEF approved Graco dispense equipment package.
Caged Oil Storage Tanks

Caged Tank Packages for Oil

Maximizes the efficiency of lubrication management and allow for bulk oil delivery, resulting in both increased profits for wholesale operations and reduced fluid expenses for customer operations.
Bulk Oil Tanks with Steel Mobile Frame

Caged Tanks

Tote-A-Lube Tanks outfitted with a steel forklift ready cage allows for redistribution to customer operations.
Car Wash Mitts, Wash Pads and Detailing Brushes

Car Wash Mitts, Wash Pads and Detailing Brushes

High quality detailing brushes, premium car wash mitts and mirofiber pads for for applying waxes, sealants, dressings and even coatings reduce the risk of scratches to your vehicle.

Cylindrical Vertical Tanks

Cylindrical Vertical Tanks

Above ground, vertical plastic storage tanks ideal for automotive fluid and oil storage provides even pressure distribution due to the elimination of stress points found in square tanks.
DEF Dispense Equipment - DEF Hose Reel

DEF Dispense Equipment

DEF pumps, nozzles and DEF dispense equipment are designed for use with totes, drums, and stand-alone Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage and handling solutions.
DEF Tanks and Mobile DEF Dispense

DEF Tanks

Bulk DEF Tanks and Mobile DEF Transfer Tanks manufactured for the safe transfer of diesel exhaust fluid. Equipped with durable stainless steel DEF pumps and dispense equipment, arriving completely assembled and ready to use.
Diesel Fuel Pumps and Fuel Dispense Equipment

Diesel Fuel Dispense Equipment

Shop below for great prices on diesel fuel pumps from Proformance Supply. Transfer diesel fuel or gasoline to cars, trucks, agricultural farm machinery, and construction equipment.
Diesel Fuel Tanks

Diesel Fuel Tanks

Safely transfer fuel with our fuel tank storage and dispense packages, available in small and bulk capacities. Featuring the best fuel transfer solutions with bulk fuel tanks, portable tank and pump packages and double walled diesel fuel tanks.
Dispense Guns

Dispense Guns

We offer a variety of lubrication dispense guns and meters, including oil control guns, and grease guns for motor oil, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), antifreeze, and more.
Double Wall Steel Roth Tanks

Double Wall Steel Tanks

UL-142 rated aboveground Double Walled Steel Tanks provide a reliable and safe bulk oil storage solution in capacities up to 1,000 gallons for automotive fluids at shops, transportation facilities, industrial, military, commercial or construction sites.
Drum Heated Blanket

Drum and Tote Heater Blankets

Heated blankets are suitable for a wide variety of plastic, fiber, and metal drum and tote containers. The blanket offers an even and continuous heat source throughout.
Everflo 12V On-Demand Pumps for Spot and Broadcast Sprayers

Everflo 12V On-Demand Pumps for Spot and Broadcast Sprayers

Everflo 12V On-Demand Pumps are CE approved and have a standard mounting pattern to fit most sprayer tanks. The On-Demand Spot and Broadcast Sprayer Pumps are approved for use with Round-Up & other agricultural brand herbicides & insecticides. 
Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Pumps

Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Pumps and Accessories

Fill-Rite fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories built in the USA. Transfer fuel to vehicles, agricultural farm machinery, and heavy duty construction equipment.
Fire-Ball 300 Pump Grease Packages

Fire-Ball 300 Grease Packages

Graco's Fire-Ball 300 grease pump dispense packages for automotive dealerships, fast lube centers, and service center applications.
Flo-Fast for DEF Containers and DEF Pump Systems

Flo-Fast for DEF

Portable Flo-Fast DEF Transfer System for automotive and agriculture equipment transfers 8 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid in as little as a minute.
Flo-Fast Fluid and Fuel Transfer

Flo-Fast Oil, DEF & Fuel Transfer

The FLO-FAST Professional Series Fluid Transfer System transfers 8 gallons of fluid in as little as a minute and is compatible with all types of fluids from water, fuels and chemicals.
Fluid Handling Pumps and Equipment

Fluid Handling

Automotive fluid handling equipment, such as pumps, meters, dispense guns and more, to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to dispense new and used fluids.
Fluid Reclaim and Oil Drains

Fluid Reclaim and Oil Drains

Proformance Supply's selection of coolant and oil drains service both automotive and heavy-duty truck applications.
FuelCube Stationary Fuel Tanks

FuelCube Stationary Fuel Tanks

FuelCube stationary fuel tank are compact and economic designed for onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling. The FuelCube features a lockable cabinet that secures equipment and ports, with hose access to enable fueling even when the equipment cabinet is locked. FuelCube's 4-way forklift pockets allow for easy mobility when empty.

Portable Gas and Fuel Carts

Gas & Fuel Carts

Portable Carts for Gas and Diesel Fuel provide a safe and cost-effective method for storing and transferring fuel. The carts are UN/DOT and Transport Canada approved.
Gravity Feed Fluid and Oil Storage Systems

Gravity Feed Systems

Ideal for storing a multitude of automotive fluids such as oil and diesel exhaust fluid, Gravity Feed Stackable Tank Systems are a space-saving multi-fluid storage and handling solution. Stacked up to four tanks high in a single Gravity Feed System.
Grease Pumps and Equipment

Grease Pumps & Equipment

Stationary and portable grease packages, powered by Graco's Fire-Ball grease handling pumps and equipment.
Handheld Sprayers and Foamers

Handheld Sprayers and Foamers

Featuring the best in automotive detailing handheld sprayers, foamers and handheld spray bottles. The nozzles feature smooth adjustment of the spraying angle from very wide to a single jet. 
Hoses and Hose Reels

Hoses & Hose Reels for Oil and Automotive Fluids

Heavy-duty hoses and hose reels handle shop fluids such as gear oil, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, air, water, DEF and more.
Jump Starters

Jump Starters

Lithium Ion Jump Starters by Allstart, for use on a majority of gas and diesel-powered engines.
Lawn Care Spray Guns

Lawn Care Spray Guns

With just a twist of the nozzle, change from a steady stream to a fine atomized mist spray pattern.  The Proformance Supply Spray Guns are ideal for spraying weeds, along fence lines, for small trees and continuous spot spraying.